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Ace Connections Ltd
23 - 25 Market Street, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 4EJ
Computers : 01455 557096, Phones : 01455 559550, Games : 01455 557052

Ace Connections Ltd is a local company offering a range of new technology including the very latest in Computer Systems, Mobile Phones and Video Gaming.

Based in Lutterworth for over ten years, Ace Connections has become well known to residents and businesses in the local area.

We are stocking a range of consoles including X-Box 360, Playstation 3, PSP, Nintendo Wii And Nintendo DS Lite.

To complement our consoles, we stock a full range of accessories and a wide variety of games to suit all ages.

We stock all major releases and any titles not in stock can usually be ordered for the following day.

Our computer dept offers new machines and laptops, hardware, inks, memory devices and a full range of peripherals.

Our repair section can remedy your computer problems or upgrade your existing system.

On-site, we install networks, routers, cable trunking and a fully set up turn key facility.

Our mobile phone department supplies contract, prepay and SIM free phones and PDA’s, fitted car kits, Bluetooth headsets and a full range of accessories.

A large range of SIM Free handsets allows you to keep your existing number and SIM card but if you prefer a new number, we can unlock most current and older phones.

Mobile broadband is in great demand at present, you can use your laptop to surf the Internet, send and receive emails and download content whilst on the move. Available on a contract or pay as you go basis at a price to suit everybody.

Please feel free to come and browse or talk to us about any particular needs or problems.

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